The pornographic industry

We all have everyday sexual fantasies, and sometimes they are very extravagant, these have been an inspiration for the sex industry, which has increasingly had a greater presence in society, despite social taboos and all kinds of discourses in against and ultraconservatives. There have always been moral dilemmas that have revolved around this industry, surrounded by myths and legends, in which we find imposing and spectacular goddesses of plastic breasts and exaggerated moans, accompanied by muscular men with huge limbs.

There are certain standards and clichés established by pornography, as well as the intrepid action tapes, or the comedies, the dramas or the romances, inevitably everything generates an influence to the spectators, and sometimes, with unfavorable consequences.

Pornography has existed for thousands of years, drawings with clear sexual references have been found, with an age of more than 2,500 years. But the transformation came with the appearance of the cinematograph and the camera.

About the sixties, is when it starts something similar to what we know as the current adult film industry, with erotic films, but without the same hardness that can be seen today, these films are I classify as ‘nudies’, some time later, the appearance of some technological innovations, the VHS video player, the recording and editing equipment, the DVD players, etc. They would revolutionize the realization of pornographic material and the commercialization of this material.

The real transformation and real change occurs with the arrival of the Internet, when the possibility of enjoying porn through the web appears, the pornographic cinemas stop having weight, and also the rest of media such as DVDs, magazines or tapes , the pornographic is an industry, it seems, was born for the network. In social networks begin to sound names like Abella Anderson, Sasha Gray or Johnny Sins, among others and are part of the public figures to which the consumer is accustomed, as arise others like Jennifer Garner and Asa Akira.

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