The escorts if they kiss with an added cost

About prostitution and prostitutes there are many urban legends, as they are good in bed but rarely prostitutes run with customers. But we must not forget that whores are women and, therefore, as in any other vital aspect, some waste art and others have very little grace. So for some, occasional orgasm is a way to get a release, a form of emotional escape that takes them away from the cold loneliness they so often find themselves in.

In addition to the opinions of the foreros and the prostitutes themselves, there are people linked to this sector who also give us their opinion and who say that it has always been said that a prostitute is capable of doing all kinds of services, instead They are reluctant to kiss. And as we said, it is certainly true that for the vast majority of prostitutes the fact of giving a full kiss, a real kiss to a client is something that is beyond their strength, and can only be given by the beloved person.

We already mentioned the film by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere (Pretty Woman) and we remember the dialogue in which she asks: – What do you want me to do to you? – and he replies – What are you doing? – Everything but kissing her mouth- she answers and he corresponds: Me neither.
The protagonist of the film made it clear to a handsome millionaire, that his services had a barrier, a limit that he was not going to cross and it was the kiss. But nowadays this is changing, because for many clients, sexual relations are incomplete if they are passionate and can not kiss.

It is a major obstacle for prostitutes called “escorts”, who offer a company service, since a client can spend many hours in his company, even days and not get to kiss him, something that would be a little hard, and possibly he could interpret it as a rejection towards his person.

It is clear, that each companion offers the services you want, and not for that reason can or should be recriminated, but lately have appeared the acronym GFE, (Girlfriend experience), which would be something like offering bridal service, including passionate kisses, flirting, caresses and sexual games, preceding other types of sexual services, such as fellatio or intercourse.
What is intended is that the client can differentiate a service from a luxury escort, who will also offer the treatment as his real wife or girlfriend, where the degree of intimacy is much higher and personal.

These men who request company from luxury escort agencies, are of a profile which assumes that there will be no problem in kissing and caressing without any problem the girl who accompanies him.

The reality is that even accepting the kisses, they are so intimate that each one has a very personal way of kissing and sometimes this does not make them completely pleasant for the client or for the escort girl.

Sometimes they lack tact when it comes to approaching the girl and passionately kissing, and they do not start with soft kisses as would be advisable. They think that by devouring the lips of the girl they show their desire for her, but this is very far from reality, since they are two strangers, and as we said, the kisses are very particular.

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