The best positions in sex

Whenever we talk about sexual postures, the first thing we think about is the word Kamasutra. Who has not seen or heard about this mythical book again and again? But very few people know that this manual (so known for its sexual postures), is actually a treatise that provides various tips to live in greater harmony.

This manual is composed of seven chapters and only the first of them is dedicated to love or sexual postures and the other six are about marriage, desire, and the relationship between man and woman.

Postures are of great importance in sexual relationships, and the purpose of all games and erotic positions is to increase sexual pleasure and complicity. We can find easy-to-implement proposals, but there are also others that require greater willingness or flexibility. It is not about becoming a tightrope walker, rather you have to try to live new experiences.

Many couples only practice a position for their sexual encounters, use few variants and few games, this ends up turning their encounters into a routine. Therefore, it is important to look for and try variants that can be more pleasant postures to have orgasms more easily.

Some of these sexual positions to practice sitting are:

What we call “the hammock”, in which the man sits on a hard surface with his legs bent and grabs his knees at the back. The woman is placed between the space between his legs and his trunk. Then the man by the pressure is the knees the body of his companion bringing the body of this towards his.

The trapeze, in which the man sitting with his legs spread, receives his partner over him. He grabs her wrists as he lets himself fall backwards. The woman must let herself be carried away, be relaxed and surrender to the strength of her partner who, thus, draws her towards his body with her arms.
This position requires quite a balance of both, in addition to the strength and ability of man.

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