The best positions for the female sex

Women have always had more difficulty reaching orgasm, at least this is what has always been said and there are studies that prove it, which show that only thirty percent of women reach orgasm through sexual intercourse that he keeps with a couple.

Therefore there are many women who can not enjoy all that they should sex, sometimes this can be solved simply by using and varying sexual positions, finding the right ones because they have the possibility of stimulating both the clitoris and the vagina at the same time.

It is well known that inside the vagina there is a place that can offer maximum sexual pleasure through powerful orgasms, but not everyone knows how to reach it, but once they achieve it, enjoyment is guaranteed. And why are there sexual positions that women like more than others? And why are there some positions that trigger the most absolute pleasure? The answer is because unknowingly you are stimulating the well-known Point G. Some sexual positions They are ideal to stimulate this feminine point.

It is advisable (if you want these positions to work), that you have previously played with your body and have tried with yourself to discover what is the best way to make your partner excited. This way when you have relationships, you can guide your partner through those parts of your body that most excite you.

Any day can be perfect to enjoy sex as a couple and melt with pleasure. Here we provide a detailed manual of the positions with which the woman will most enjoy.

A classic posture is called “The missionary”, sometimes considered boring, it is not so much as it seems, in addition almost always a safe orgasm is achieved because the way in which the penis penetrates the vagina allows a good stimulation of the point G, also promotes contact through kisses, caresses in the breasts, and other areas.

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