Size Matters with an escort?

The size of the penis
For many years in popular conversations, the importance of penis size has been discussed. There are those who say that it does not matter at all, and for others it is a very important factor. It is difficult to know how far they have sincerity or not the feminine answers about what attracts them more, but it is something that researchers have decided to study.

In many of these studies, the problem is that the questions asked to women are very direct, and make spontaneity difficult in decisions, or sometimes they have to qualify as attractive or not men who only vary in the size of the penis.

Size matters, at least for a large number of males for whom manhood depends on a handful of centimeters more when it comes to boasting of their manhood.

What is an evidence, is that there are still many myths and very few certainties regarding the truth of the importance on the size of the penises. Does height have anything to do with the size of the penis? Do black men have a larger size and Orientals tend to a smaller size? Why do some studies claim that the penis of a human being is of a large size that is useless from a biological perspective?

The animal with the longest penis is man and the explanation of some scholars deduces that man has such a large penis as a result of which the woman has changed the shape of her pelvis and vagina.

Possibly not many people have heard about it, but men’s penis is of a disproportionate size, is very much commented in scientific circles, at least since Desmond Morris said that, along with the gorilla, man is the mammal with a larger male member.

According to the research of Alan Dixson (reproductive biologist), the bonobos surpass us and have an average of just over 17 centimeters, while in men they are 16.7 centimeters. However, we surpassed the orangutans with an average of 8.6 cm, also the chimpanzees with 14.7 cm and the gorillas with 6.6 cm. In contrast, there are researchers like Kunjappan Promodu, who say that the average in man is 14.4 cm.

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