Sexual postures with which to enjoy from behind

In the “dressage” posture, the man sitting comfortably seated fits his partner by sitting on top of her and letting the erect penis penetrate this one.
The so-called “armchair” is when the man sits down laying his back on a pillow, leaving the legs flexed and open. Then, using the hands, it accommodates the woman in her erection, thus controlling both the rhythm and intensity of the penetration. She rests her legs on his shoulders and so he can touch the clitoris.

Next we name (without detailing) some other postures that are practiced sitting:

The position of the Ying and Yang, the fusion, the position of the courtesan, the position of the balance …

We can also enjoy standing sexual postures, these are usually very intense postures and some of the best are the following:

“The wheelbarrow”, where the woman is placed on the edge of the bed supporting the forearms and is lifted by the man with the legs, who penetrates from behind while holding them by the thighs.
This sexual posture has an amazing variety of movements and sensations that allows to move in ascending and descending circles, with her legs more open or more closed, etc …

For those who like the sex more daring, is the posture “the union of the wolf.” The man remains standing, taking the woman from behind, penetrating her while he grabs her by the waist, she relaxes until her hands are resting on the floor.

To enjoy with the woman, we recommend the following positions:

Posture of “the amazon”, where the man lies on his back, opens his legs slightly and brings his knees to his chest. The woman squats and conforms to the posture adopted by him, sitting on the penis slowly.

The position “of the swing”, is a position in which the woman is placed on her back and allows penetration, controlling movements with the help of arms.

You exist other postures to practice with her, then some more:

Variation of the posture of the swing, the position of the perfect alignment, the position of the Andromaca, etc …

Some of the sexual positions with him on:

It is known the “Junco” posture, in which the woman remains lying on her back with her legs bent and open, resting her arms behind her shoulders. When the man is ready to penetrate her, she raises her hips and rests on his flexed legs.

The posture of “the blades of the mill”, in which the woman lies on her back and opens her legs to receive the man, penetrates her face down leaving the buttocks in front of her face and in front of her legs. In this position, the vaginal lips and clitoris are in full contact with the pelvis and the entire area surrounding the penis.

Some other postures of this type are:

The so-called “the deep”, the catapult, the mirror of pleasure, the position of the moon, etc …

We can also recommend sexual postures with which to enjoy side, for example:

The position of the spoons, in which the woman lies on her side with her legs gathered together, relaxes while being penetrated either by the vagina or by the anus.

“The dragonfly”, a sexual position in which both must lie on their sides. She passes his leg flexed by the knee, taking him to his back, he penetrates her by leaning with her leg that rests on his hip.

Posture “the union of the boa”, where the woman lies on her side and he gets on her back to penetrate her, then the woman stretches one leg back hugging him by the waist.

And finally, we mentioned some sexual positions with which to enjoy from behind.

“The union of the antelope or puppy,” in which the two are put in four-legged position, this position facilitates the touching of the anus and clitoris and also gives the possibility to her to grasp with one hand the testicles of him.

The position of “the screw”: The woman lying on the edge of the bed, with her legs bent to one side and meanwhile he knees into her vagina.

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