Sexual positions that women like most

The so-called “the deep one” is one of the most important postures to stimulate the G-spot, again due to the inclination of the penetration. It is a position that requires that the man has strength in his arms and does not allow kissing, it is worth experiencing because the results are orgasmic.

Men love the posture of “The little dog”, being one of the favorite, and many girls do it to please them, but it is a position also prized by many women, since this position allows a friction with the vaginal front wall.

A posture not so practiced, but more pleasant for both is “The Elephant”, similar to the dog, but in this case the woman lies on her back and with her legs open, then raises the pelvic area a little and the man penetrates it by behind, thus stimulating the G-spot while rubbing the clitoris with the movements of his penis, is a guarantee of an orgasm for both.

Another position is “The hug”, but not everyone can do it, because the woman must be light, the man has to have enough strength and there must also be coordination, since the man marks the rhythm, the inclination of the penis during penetration “as in postures described above) favors the stimulation of point G, so it is highly recommended if you can try it for a change.

The position of “The Amazon” is another position suitable for experts, because the woman must have strong thighs and be used to exercising them, the man relaxes, while she sits on his penis and sets the pace, practicing this position , pleasure is assured, but not everyone can do it.

Another favored position of female pleasure is “The cowgirl” is that it is she who stands on top of the man, and thus allows the woman to have greater control of their orgasms. It can move as fast or slow as it pleases and at the same time can control the depth of penetration. Getting on top also has an easier access to her clitoris and thus stimulating her with her hands or adopting an ideal angle of friction against the man’s body facilitating the achievement of orgasm.

The posture of “La cucharita” is a classic ideal to sleep in a loving way or to be together on a Sunday morning. The two lying on their side, the girl turns her back to the boy, and from behind the penetration, arms and hands, are free to stimulate the front of the vagina, in this area is where most are of the nerves, in such a way that sex is more pleasant for her. You just have to be clear about where and how to play.

The position of “The scissors” in which the man and the woman cross their legs and form a kind of giant cross and torsos are separated from each other, is suitable to excite the point G.
Between them there is enough free space so that both can caress and rub the clitoris.

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