Practicing sex lengthens life

The reality is that sex brings benefits to the health of human beings, but that many media outlets exaggerate it and sell it as if making love, supposed as a magical influence a reduction in the years of life, as a kind of panacea. All that series of studies that are published on the supposed miracles that sex reports, come from an almost total acceptance of the science in which it is exposed, that the body is a whole and that its parts benefit or affect each other. Therefore, if all the functions of the body (including sexual functions) are good, then there will be a better quality of life and less possibility of affections.

According to the American physician Eric Plasker, orgasm significantly improves the response to stress, due to endorphins among the many hormones released by the body. Also make love, increases blood flow, which improves the functioning of both the brain and the heart.

What we commonly call the body’s defenses (which are the immune system), are also reinforced by the practice of sex and this entails the possibility of living longer. A study conducted by Wilkes University, proved that those who have sex at least once or twice a week, increased by thirty percent the levels of the antibody called “immunoglobulin A”, which makes this system more robust.

Nowadays, exercising is included in all health studies as the most important of the keys to prevent all types of ailments. Well, the sexual act is basically nothing more than exercise. It has been reflected by multiple studies that in a moved intimate encounter they get to burn some two hundred calories, the same ones that are managed to burn practicing fifteen minutes of a routine in the gym. We must also consider that the heart of a person when he is excited has between seventy and one hundred fifteen beats per minute, which is the same thing that presents the heart of an athlete in a high effort.

From the perspective of psychology, there are also good expectations, sex can often avoid depression, and the caresses involved in having sex are very profitable, touching creates bonds of affection and these provide a vital social support, and this in turn , is linked to high life expectancy.

A study conducted at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh concluded that those women who have sex above four times a week may appear younger, because they raise their levels of estrogen, which are the hormones that help have shiny hair and skin pretty, in addition to more regular menstrual cycles. We must also take into account the relationships that are made with penetration help strengthen and exercise the pelvic floor muscles, this is essential to prevent future incontinence.

These are encouraging studies, yes, but without sufficient documentation in all human groups, so it is only possible to say that sex can lengthen the years or achieve a more vital and youthful aspect as long as it is accompanied by a lifestyle healthy or accompanied by practices such as eating lots of vegetables and fruits, exercising, having weight control, not smoking and avoiding stress and not smoking.

Those who explain the benefits of practicing sex give various reasons, but we will list seven:

Sex causes the circulation of blood to increase.

By increasing blood circulation, it is especially beneficial for the brain. This is due to the increase in heart rate and very deep breathing.

This blood pumped throughout the body and carries oxygen to cells, tissues and all organs, so that they end up full of fresh oxygen. There is also the elimination of many toxins, causing diseases and fatigue.

It was demonstrated in Great Britain after a sample of a thousand people, that having sex two or more times a week improves cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

It is popular that sexual intercourse helps sleep better. Restful sleep is related to other healthy things such as maintaining an adequate weight and correct blood pressure.

It is an evidence that maintaining sexual activity frequently eliminates the harmful secretions of the prostate while protecting this cancer gland.

Each time an orgasm is obtained, it triggers the release of the hormone DHEA, which works as an antidepressant and improves the level of immunity in the body. This hormone helps repair tissues and keep skin healthy.

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