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The addiction to cybersex can be divided into two types: addiction through chat, through online sexual conversations and pornography online.

With just typing the letters “sex …”, it is enough for us to see on the screen all kinds of porn videos and free sex messages, in addition the statistics confirm that the search engines enter the word “sex” about five million of times each day and that forty-three percent of Internet content is pornographic or makes reference to sex. There is also evidence that some thirty thousand people see porn every second and that searches for pornography are twenty-five percent.

The medium-high socioeconomic classes are mainly those that have the greatest problem of addiction to cybersex. There are some risk factors that can encourage us to become addicted and in this, men have a greater incidence than women.

They are usually males looking for powerful sensations, people with affective and social isolation; who have suffered in their childhood from sexual abuse; who have a deficit in social skills; also people with low self-esteem or high introversion; those who are in negative emotional states or have a low tolerance for frustration, even people with some sexual dysfunction.

Those who are totally hooked on getting sex online, spend many hours a day masturbating by viewing pornographic images and sharing sex with people they know exclusively in chat rooms.

Occasionally, sexual relationships that begin through the network end up being sexual relationships in real life. It is this type of situation that favors the breakdown of marriages, ending courtships and we enter into the emotional aspect of the problem.

Accessing the Internet is something so simple that it makes it easier for new addicts to appear every day to cybersex. There are people who have lost their job because they use the computer for sexual purposes during working hours. That is why many companies currently control the web pages visited by their employees and thus avoid these types of problems.

What happens to those who are addicted? Those who are sexually addicted are dominated by impulsive thoughts of sex that often interfere with their personal and work relationships. Something typical of sex addicts is their denial of the fact, they deny having a problematic behavior and seek all kinds of excuses to justify themselves.

How do we know if someone suffers from an addiction disorder?

The addict’s whole life revolves around this practice, he uses his time and energy completely in cybersex. The normality of their life disappears and they almost do not enjoy their sexual behaviors, they are only able to alleviate this tension with cybersex and in a momentary way, they lower their work performance and their life suffers from a progressive deterioration.

They lose abandoned sociability to their friends, suffer from anxiety, social phobia, personality disorders, depression or substance abuse.

But there are effective treatments to solve this addiction, usually focusing on the control of behavior and helping to develop a healthy sexuality.

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