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Fantasizing is a capacity that any human being has, it is not just a matter of children and we can fantasize throughout our lives.
Having sexual fantasies is something habitual and simple, it can be achieved by just letting the imagination run, in this way we imagine other realities and we can live experiences of any kind. But of course, in our mind.

In a private and personal way, if we get carried away by our erotic thoughts and create an association between mind, body and emotions, we can live very rewarding and pleasurable experiences, even to trigger a sexual response. It is a matter of finding the personal switch that we each carry on.

When do you start to fantasize? What are the sexual fantasies nourished, and how do they evolve?

According to some therapists, women begin to fantasize in childhood, although with more sensual and romantic ideas, and with the passage of time they evolve towards more sexual ideas.
It seems that there is a close relationship between sexual development and the development of fantasies along with life experiences, cultural influences and the information that is incorporated with respect to sexuality throughout life.

Therefore it is very important that everything that stimulates us sexually is stored in our mind and is susceptible to use in our fantasies. We must look for sources of inspiration, that take the senses of the person towards a principle of the erotic, always with the willingness to seek pleasure.

Fantasies can be of all kinds, as long as it happens in the mind anything goes, because the theme is as varied as different people and tastes are. But we can make a classification that provides more knowledge about one’s sexuality.

We can classify sexual fantasies in two ways: fantasies fictionalized and non-fictionalized.

The novels are developed as if they were true stories, contain characters, situations and interactions between them. The role of the protagonist usually varies from a dominant role (with characteristics such as power and control) to a role of beloved (a sweet and beautiful character, where love, spiritual attraction or intimacy predominate). Victim roles can also emerge, (in them fear and sometimes violence predominate) fantasize being an object of desire, being wild or being an observer or voyeur.

There are also non-fiction fantasies, which are totally linked to the sensory capabilities that all humans possess. Basically they are visual stimuli, also auditory and tactile, they are not the stories as we explained previously, but they provoke pleasure to imagine them in the mind.

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