Escorts: What is the importance of the preliminaries?

All kinds of stimulations that take place before penetration are the preliminary ones, but do you know what? besides being an important part of pleasure, they are the perfect excuse to combine passion and tenderness. If they are done well, not only will you get physical benefits, but you will gradually increase trust with your partner.

We must try to enhance desire and eroticism, because sex is largely composed of them. It is interesting to prepare a suitable environment, with erotic and sensual reasons before starting with these preliminary games. The place is preferable to be quiet, if possible without noise or interruption. You can set it with a dim light (it could be the light of some candles), accompany it with a sensual music, a bottle of Champagne or Cava, this has an aphrodisiac effect and it can be a good start.

The clothing also has its importance, it does not matter that in the end you are going to be naked. The woman can put on a seductive lingerie and the boy can be dressed with boxers that help him to enhance his figure, all with the importance of being well groomed and perfumed, ready to take action.

Kisses are fundamental in the preliminaries, we must dedicate an important part of the time, because they can become very exciting and seductive. You can kiss in a thousand different ways but what you do is always keep the passion and desire of the first kiss. The lips are very sensitive, they are very sensual, they can be bitten, licked, kissed and the tongues are very erotic so there are a thousand ways to experiment and play with the lips and the tongue. We must let the imagination, kisses, masturbation, caresses, erotic games and, why not, carry out the fantasies of both.

For the mechanisms of excitement to work and for desire to be lit, preliminaries are basic, they are the best prelude to sex. They are absolutely necessary in the case of women and in men it is an important factor to raise in a surprising way the levels of pleasure. When boredom reaches relationships, you have to completely change the preliminaries, you have to look for novelties and modifications, that the moments are hotter and funnier, so that the sexual life will be completely transformed in a positive and satisfactory way.

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