Escorts Valencia: Exchange of couples

It should be clear that a negative must be respected. A “no” is a “no”.

It is important to talk a lot with the couple before deciding to make it a reality.

You have to choose a safety word with your partner, because if at a certain moment you do not want to continue the other you must know how to interpret what you want to stop.

It is not convenient to use this type of relationship as a solution to a couple problem, it will never be a solution rather an incentive in the relationship.

The use of condoms is essential and is always required.

In the field of sexual and sentimental relationships swingers and the exchange of couples, is something that is booming and fashionable. Many people understand it as not limiting sexual relations to your partner, extending them to third parties or to third parties in a voluntary and consented way.

Many couples who fall into sexual monotony try and try a swingers club to break the routine and rekindle the lost spark of sex.

There are people who consider that they have so much love to give that it is enough for their partner and for more couples, for some it is difficult to understand this position, however, there are couples who believe and share this philosophy of sexual life. They combine the enjoyment of the freedom that singleness implies, with the tranquility of not practicing anything bad, because there is consent on the part of the couple therefore there is no deception, nor is there any type of infidelity.

If we want to try this type of sex that is the latest fashion, there are several swingers of recognized prestige both in Barcelona and Madrid.

Before trying it (as we said before), it is better to talk long and hard with the couple and be sure that everything is very clear, because it is essential to have enough trust as a sentimental partner, otherwise the experience can provoke jealousy and provoke may the relationship end
One of the fears of couples is to fall into the routine, this is fatal in any area of ​​our life, but when it comes to the sexual terrain, it usually has fatal consequences, that routine and sexual boredom can easily end our relationship. That is the reason why we should look for other ways to get out of it, which is why many people decide to become a swinger and exchange partners.

We can make a couple exchange in a more private way, doing it with a couple that previously we already know and that is willing to do the exchange of couples, or perform it in one of the many places prepared in this type of meetings and exchanges. It is evident the increase in the last decade of places where you can go with the intention of changing partners and enjoy a good sex session with someone who is not our usual partner, or even enjoy group sex.

The trios, the group sex and the exchange of partners are some of the most widespread sexual fantasies, but we should be clear that it is only about sex, without any feelings, and to know that while we are enjoying ourselves with another person, our partner also it is doing.

These clubs, have as the main features exclusivity and discretion, very rarely there is a poster that announces the place even in many of these places is required to enter by the invitation of a member.

The most modest venues are promoted even with free nights to attract more people, and there are also luxury places that somehow have access to those who call people “vip”.

These places are acclimated, and they usually hold masked parties, other parties with spicy attire, promote theme nights and some others are claims. There is a range of prices, but women tend to benefit. If they go alone they usually pay one ten euros instead of the fifty that a man without a couple can pay.

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