Escorts: Sex in the swingers’ rooms

When we talk about locals of siwngers, we speak of “liberal premises”, I mean, if both you or your partner are not mentally prepared and open about what the concept “swinger” means or if you think it’s a dirty thing, it’s better than look for another form of leisure.

The term “swinger” comes from the English language and means swing, oscillate, this applied to couples refers to the behavior of these, which exchange sex with other couples.
It is not essential or mandatory to practice the exchange of partners if you visit a local swinger, but it is clear that you have to understand and respect it. And the best way to do it is to be well informed about what they are and how they work.

Many may be surprised, but the places for the exchange of partners are successful, and part of it is due to the existence of standards of etiquette and its scrupulous application by its users. We could define four pillars on which these rules of etiquette are based, these are: respect, discretion, hygiene and also knowing how to immediately accept rejection by any user. Respecting these basic rules you can enjoy the different offer that these places offer for swingers.

Most of these venues have discretion as their main philosophy, something that also reflects their discreet exterior appearance. Usually have a doorbell at the entrance, which is called and usually meet some responsible local friendliness. If you meet what is understood as education and good presence (obviously important to be sober, it is not welcome people who are drunk) will be enough to allow you to enter most of the premises. We say most and not all, because some venues function as private clubs, and in that case you should become a member or get an invitation, sometimes through the online network and sometimes in the local.

In general, these places only admit couples, although it is common to find some specific days and times, in which men can also go alone and as is usual in the rest of the world of leisure, women can go alone, they usually have a lot of easier to get into. In these cases there is usually limited access to certain areas of the premises, the rest being restricted, except that the individual is invited by another couple from the interior, in which case they can access the mixed zones.

The premises that allow entry to single people, are an opportunity to make a first visit, discover and explore before going with your partner.

In general, and for the very essence of this activity, couples are always better than being heterosexual and not “professional”, since appearing with a sex professional is usually prohibited.

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