Escorts Madrid: Why do not escorts kiss?

Whether Madrid escorts kiss or not is something we hear constantly debate, but is it a reality or is it a myth that prostitutes do not kiss? First it would be important to clarify that there are different types of kisses, but what we are going to refer to below is the kisses understood as romantic, which are understood to occur with the tongue and in some way stimulate the sexual appetite.

If in the network you put the word -besos-, among all Spain, you get a hundred and twelve pages of results, but in none of them the word consulted is among the “top” ads, all are below, in which if you they specify that kisses are also included in the service.

If we analyze a bit on the Internet we can see that it is a question that many people have raised and that they have shared it in different places, in several forums we can see conversations about it, some questions in a forum, someone asks the following: Is it true Who do not kiss whores with customers? Or other similar questions like: Why do not prostitutes kiss in the mouth ?. Taking into account that the answers in the forums are valued by other foristas, the best valued of this last consulted site, affirmed that the escorts avoid kissing so as not to get involved sentimentally.

If we remember in the movie Pretty Woman, this theory is also exposed, it is a film known worldwide and you surely remember that a prostitute friend of Vivian advises not to kiss her client. The reason that the friend of Vivian (Julia Roberts) wields is that an escort should not kiss her clients so as not to run the risk of falling in love with her. And in the movie like this happens, she starts to fall in love with him when he kisses her.

It is a rather questionable theory, and almost reminiscent of fairy tales, in which a princess often falls at the feet of the handsome prince when he kisses her. We can talk about different reasons why an escort is supposed to kiss or not, but regardless of the reason, do not escorts really kiss?

But then everything is a myth? Many of the opinion makers who frequent this type of sexual services argue that everything is usually a matter of price, according to the experiences that in the commentaries the escorts really tell us if they kiss with a cost added to the usual rate. As we mentioned before, the most common answer is that, kissing in the mouth, is the limit, the border that the professionals interpose in order to be able to separate their office from the affective plane. It makes some sense, but often the attractiveness of a customer comes into play and all barriers are broken. Surely it also has something to do with self-protection in order to avoid falling in love, considering it necessary to maintain the sentimental aspect regardless of sexual arousal.

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