Escorts Madrid: What is tantric sex?

It is rumored a lot about tantric sex, many things are heard, comments about sexual relations that last several hours, that the mind is controlled through massages and that sublime orgasms can be achieved through meditation techniques. But most of us always have doubts and we wonder if it is true that all this can be achieved through tantric sex. If you want to find something new, different, something that improves your sex, makes it more lasting and pleasant, these techniques of tantric sex can help you meet your expectations.

The success of tantric sex is found in a series of techniques that prolong and manage to improve the levels of sexual satisfaction, but the center of everything is in oneself. Tantric comes from tantra, which is a branch of Yoga dedicated to the sexual aspect, has a close relationship with the spiritual search, and has as one of the main objectives a vision of sexual encounter as something that goes beyond the merely carnal, It has a very clear utility, contributing a personal and couple’s growth.

Like many things, it is easier to theorize about it than to bring it to reality, although it is not complicated.

In tantric sex you can not apply the well-known “here I get you, here I kill you”, it is a concept that needs mental preparation and to have some openness, so it is much easier the initiation, for those people who already have bonding with meditation and relaxation practices.

The purpose is not orgasm, it is rather a recognition of the other on a spiritual level, it is a journey, not just the search for an end. This may seem a bit complicated, but following some guidelines becomes a practice without difficulties.

You have to take your time, tantric sex needs to be practiced calmly, it is better to prepare the whole environment, and to start having sensations, you must create a relaxed environment, an atmosphere that encourages disconnection.

Very important is the breathing, you can start by sitting the couple facing each other and look for relaxation, concentrating on the breaths. It can be alternated and when one of the two inhales the other can exhale, thus feeling how the energy flows through the body of both, the control of the breath is fundamental for the meditation whatever the type and therefore it is also for tantric sex.

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