Escorts Barcelona: Reach sublime orgasms through meditation techniques

Give importance to the caresses is something basic, you have to explore, you can start caressing gently, and go through your partner’s body without hurry, it is a way to give and at the same time receive eroticism and passion through touch. For this we can help with balsamic oils and various utensils such as feathers that create new sensations.

Sometimes we forget the power of kissing, and in tantric sex we can recover the power of these. Couples with time often leave kisses aside, this type of sexual practice can be a good argument to recover them.

Kiss slowly through different erotic zones facing each other or recumbent, bringing all consciousness to the lips and the kissed area, all without haste. If you do a good preliminary, and carry out the recommended until now (breathing, kissing, caresses …) the excitement will arise, then it is time to penetrate.

The woman is penetrated but once the penis is inside there are no movements, it concentrates on the sensation that is felt while it stays inside and must continue the caresses (containing the impulse to maintain conventional sex). After the penis can enter and leave, but in the middle of a series of games of kisses and prolonged caresses, which can last minutes or hours.

As we said, the purpose of tantric sex is not ejaculation, the goal is to maximize the sexual energy and control the ejaculation as long as possible. While there are rounds of penetration, the control to avoid reaching orgasm should be continuous and exchanging kisses and caresses to help in this concentration, it is possible that reaching this point of concentration is somewhat difficult at first and take a certain time to achieve , but it is possible to reach enjoyment without having ejaculation.

When many minutes or perhaps hours of caresses, kisses and penetrations with tantra have passed, an important level of energy will be achieved and the pleasure of orgasm will not be limited to the area of ​​the genitals, but will travel throughout the body. Those who have succeeded, resort again and again to tantric sex.

It is recommended when we start the guide through books, consultations or tantric sex classes, because the principle may not seem like something simple. Basically you have to have the idea of ​​enjoying sexual energy as a couple to enjoy sex from another perspective.

Some of the main techniques and positions of tantric sex we mention them below:

10 postures sitting in tantric sex:

 Padm: She sits on his crossed legs and he places his hands on her shoulders.
Upapad: In sitting position, she lifts her leg and holds it with her hand, while he introduces the lingam (penis) into her yoni (vagina).
Vaidhurit: The seated couple embrace each other by the neck, while he introduces the lingam in his yoni.
Panipash: Both take their feet, while introducing the lingam in the yoni.
Sanyaman: He puts the woman’s legs under her arm and grabs her by the neck with both hands.
Kaurmak: The couple is seated so that their mouths, legs and arms touch each other.
Parivarti: It’s the same as the previous one, but with the difference that he with his elbow rubs her legs.
Yugamapad: The man sits with his legs wide open, and he gathers and squeezes her thighs as he inserts the lingam into the yoni.
Vinardit: The man picks her up by the legs and puts them over her arms and moves her from left to right.
Markat: Similar to the previous one, but with the difference that he moves from back to front.
Variants of the great posture of tantric sex:
Samapada, Nagara, Traivkrama, Vyomapada, Smarachakrasana or posture of the wheel of Kama, Avidarita, Saumya, Jrimbhita, Veshita, Venuvidarita and Sphutma.

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