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What are your fantasies ?, Do you originate stories looking for pleasure or your senses are those that take you to certain pleasant paradises?

In any case, and whatever the fantasies are, what is more important is to allow oneself to fantasize, feeling free of censure, without guilt, or embarrassment or any kind of fear.

And what is the meaning of sexual fantasies?

The meaning is of relative importance, we must start from the idea that whenever it works, there is no harmful sexual fantasy. If this has the ability to activate, to transmit and suggest, to make you get pleasure, is that fantasy works. And you must use it.

On the other hand, sometimes fantasies can also generate concern or can lead to difficulties for the privacy of the person, in these cases they become intrusive or disturbing fantasies, also known as trap fantasies.
Sometimes the fantasy itself is in contradiction with the reality of the person, or gives a sense of lack of self control or those on which it has, can generate negative behavior and become dangerous. But if these cases occur, it is interesting and reassuring to know that fantasies can be shaped to suit the consumer, and therefore, you can avoid that harmful fantasy and find another.

Do sexual fantasies have advantages?

The most important motor for sexual activation is the mind, so using the potential offered by the ability to fantasize will help enrich and get to enjoy more of sex life, as it has a direct impact on the increase of sexual desire. Fantasizing you have the possibility of living experiences that most likely in real life may not want or can not live, but imagined, report a huge pleasure.

Fantasies are a way to reinforce personal appeal, improving self-esteem, avoid criticism from others, self-criticism and allow us to focus on the sexiest details.

They can serve as an essay, as something prior to possible future practices or to preserve pleasant memories or even to overcome some limitations of the present.
The fantasies can be modified as one wishes because they are personal creations and that offers considerable advantages to adapt them to the particular tastes and needs.
It is available to everyone, it is a simple, fun, creative and also free technique (with the difficulty that entails today find something that does not have a price).

If practice is acquired, it becomes easier to fantasize and therefore it is easier to unleash pleasure, well-being, and even sexual response.
There are so many positive things contributed by this practice of fantasizing, that it is important not to repress and take advantage of that human privilege.

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