Encourage together the preliminary games of sex with escorts

You have to kiss and touch everywhere, not limited to the genitals and areas supposedly more erogenous, giving your fingers free rein you will discover new sensations, let your hands explore every part of your body and thus be completely aroused.

A bit of mischief is always going well, couples usually and especially women love having a naughty man inside the bedroom.

Propose some subtle perversion, such as the use of a vibrator, ask him to bend over and put himself in position four to give oral sex from behind.

You can gently massage your anus with your finger while doing oral sex.

Remember that women usually love a daring man, but not rude, someone who dares with evil things and even say dirty things in your ear, as you think you do. Do not be afraid to use bad words at this moment, for sure your partner will love it.

If your partner is a woman, give her oral sex or massage her clitoris with her fingers to provoke a great orgasm.

During the previous sexual game, stimulating the G-spot deeply, is necessary for the orgasm to be as complete as possible.

You have to let go of your hair and surprise with a different image than you’re used to, dressing in a costume, a corset, high boots or maybe a sexy lingerie set, can be good stimulants and help awaken the libido through of sight. If you prefer to win in safety, try your new look and practice your gestures and movements in the mirror.

Another way to cause the temperature rise quickly tone, would be to prepare a session of pornographic film, opening a bottle of champagne and accompanied by some other erotic toy. But it is not necessary that you tell him what you want, so you will maintain a point of tension and excitement that will go very well so that everything is satisfactory.

A classic that always works, erotic massage, is a way to stimulate nerve endings and erogenous points. If you prepare a room with candles and appropriate music to acclimate, you slowly undress and begin to massage the back and neck, until you notice how the relaxation appears, and then you can go down to the buttocks and genitals.

Another alternative is the so-called soft bondage, that is, immobilization. Tie your partner with ribbons or strings with care, you can also put a handcuffs and a mask and thus cause it to die of desire, it is a really exciting experience shared as a couple.

You must try to use your imagination to the fullest and promote together the preliminary games of sex, but do not throw in the towel if the sex has become boring or monotonous, even unpleasant among you, it is only a question of the two members of the couple Do your part.

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