Does life extend to practice sex?

Several studies have shown that sexual activity, in addition to becoming healthier, happier and more relaxed, can also delay aging without going through the operating room.

Among the main obsessions of humanity is finding eternal youth, the secret of longevity or eternal life. During the search for the magic formula, several alternatives have been recommended as beneficial for these purposes, and sex has often been postulated as an alternative due to the secrets it still hides.

Historically, sexuality was linked to the gods and enlightened spirits who conceived copulation as a form of liberation, health and long permanence in the world, for mortal men. In the historical evolution appeared philosophers like Aristotle, who thought that each orgasm supposed a reduction in life expectancy, and later were the first doctors in the West who already sensed the benefits of sexual relations for health.

When the Judeo-Christian tradition took hold, the practice of sex was reduced exclusively to reproduction, until in the Middle Ages various theories of the classical era began to recover, which advocated intercourse as very good to achieve optimal functioning of the organism. However, no one ever dared in a categorical way to affirm that the pleasures of sex served to prolong survival. Nowadays, and with so many scientific advances, such assertion is still being discussed by experts from multiple disciplines, despite the fact that many media often expose headlines such as “With sex, wrinkles disappear” “Sex is rejuvenating”, ” Practicing sex lengthens life “, etc.

There are few studies anywhere in the world really dedicated to looking for the direct relationship between attenuation of aging or rejuvenation, either between sex and age. A few years ago, the link between sexual pheromones and lengthening of life was demonstrated in a study carried out in the United States, but the finding is of relative importance and can be considered a mere principle, if we take into account that this observation was made only in worms.

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