Disproportionate penis size

There must be some very good reason for the man, who is an animal of the most evolved, to have a disproportionate penis size, as some researcher says. In the year 1995, appeared “The wars of the sperm”, a best seller that indicated that this size of the virile member had like objective to eliminate the semen that had deposited in the vagina of the female other rival males. It would be then, one more expression of the war that exists between men to fecundate the largest possible number of women, but there are other researchers who do not agree with it, because their research indicates that the biological evolution of man has caused a change and a neglect of all the competitive features of man and has enhanced those designed for a monogamous relationship.

For Edwin Broman, according to an article published in 2008, the cause of the size of the penis is the evolution of the woman’s pelvis and vagina, which, when widened, also made the vaginal canal wider, and the penis, I would have adapted to fit in there.

Some women do not take into account the size of the penis, but take into consideration the pleasure they get when a man can satisfy them without taking into account the dimension of the penis.

For other women, if the size of the penis is important, but prefer to have sex with men who have an average size, since they consider that with a smaller member we will provide satisfaction and one of a larger size could cause pain or injury .

But there are also women who do give a lot of importance to the size and basically focus their sexual satisfaction on the big part of the member, putting the importance of the size of the penis, at the center of the debate. But this last group of women is not the majority, most think that a large member can be uncomfortable or aggressive.

Some recent investigations, show that we were probably misguided in how we consider the size of the genitals of other races. These studies conclude that Africans do not have a significantly larger limb, but it is true that Orientals have smaller penises, possibly associated with their shorter stature and complexion.

There are numerous urban legends about looking for size relationships between different parts of the body, one of those legends that we have all heard, that the size of the foot had to do with that of the penis, but research published in 2002 showed that There was no correlation between the number we use of the shoe and the length of the penis.

The truth is that science does not agree, and there are many theories to prove due in part to each research measures the penis in a different way

Many biologists defend the theory that body size is closely related to the size of the genitals. They argue that if all the limbs grow according to the rest of the body, why should the penis have to do it differently? Others have found a relationship with weight and there are also those who argue for a relationship between the size of the fingers and the penis.

Are they all right? Is nobody right? The answer is found in the way in which the genitals are measured. Sometimes, these are measured when they are flaccid and sometimes, when they are erect. Other times, the skin of the penis is simply lengthened in a flaccid state, so that a size similar to an erection can be observed, which facilitates the work of the investigators and is a little less violent for the volunteer. These differences in taking measurements made by different researchers is one of the explanations why some measurements are so different.

According to an investigation carried out in Japan in 2011, it showed that the relationship between the size of the fingers and that of the penis is true. It is not that the limb is longer or fatter the longer or thicker the fingers are, but the difference between the index finger and the heart, since it represents what the action of testosterone was during prenatal life. This difference is only noticeable when the penis is erect and not in a flaccid state.

Is the size of the penis flaccid and the penis in erection associated?

Science has made many revelations that about our penises, but it is possible that the most surprising is the one that indicates between the size of the flaccid penis and the penis in erection there is no relationship. At least, it was pointed out by two investigations carried out in 1996, which concluded that although the erection causes the size of the virile member to increase by approximately two-thirds of its size, the size of the limb in relaxation does not allow to find out the extent to which it will have erection.

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