Cybersex with escorts

Surely we have heard about cybersex, but what do we know about it? We call cybersex a way of obtaining or practicing virtual sex in which several people connected through a computer network send a series of sexually explicit messages and describe with them a sexual experience.

It is a kind of game with different roles in which the participants simulate or pretend that they are carrying out sexual relations, describing their actions and responding to the messages of the rest of the participants in order to stimulate their sexual fantasies and desires.

What do we find attractive about cybersex? Some people understand that virtual sex (also called cybernetic) is a quick way and the easiest way to obtain sexual satisfaction. Many of the experts warn that this can lead to a highly addictive behavior and cover the full life of who uses it, even and it may be the case to replace real encounters with our partner.

The use of cybersex does not have to be harmful, if it occurs in a controlled and sporadic, it can even be used as sex therapy, but when it becomes an uncontrolled and compulsive practice, we talk about a problem. Therefore, its use in a voluntary and accepted way can even enrich and help in the couple relationship. Up to eight percent of the population is addicted to cybersex and of these roughly half have a stable partner.

If it can become even therapy what is the problem? Well, the uncontrolled and compulsive use, the dependence that it creates and how it interferes seriously in everyday life and becomes that sexual cyberadiction.

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