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Talking about sex is a very sensitive issue, it is something that usually makes a lot of noise to the general public, some very conservative circles, politicians and religious also raise their hands to mediate and prevent the industry from moving forward, mediating the conditions of actors , and filmmakers, who undertake a struggle to create more diverse content, is eternal moral dispute has had on both sides, have had their rethinking about the moral and immoral.
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The pornographic industry

We all have everyday sexual fantasies, and sometimes they are very extravagant, these have been an inspiration for the sex industry, which has increasingly had a greater presence in society, despite social taboos and all kinds of discourses in against and ultraconservatives. There have always been moral dilemmas that have revolved around this industry, surrounded by myths and legends, in which we find imposing and spectacular goddesses of plastic breasts and exaggerated moans, accompanied by muscular men with huge limbs.
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Escorts Madrid: Why do not escorts kiss?

Whether Madrid escorts kiss or not is something we hear constantly debate, but is it a reality or is it a myth that prostitutes do not kiss? First it would be important to clarify that there are different types of kisses, but what we are going to refer to below is the kisses understood as romantic, which are understood to occur with the tongue and in some way stimulate the sexual appetite.
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The escorts if they kiss with an added cost

About prostitution and prostitutes there are many urban legends, as they are good in bed but rarely prostitutes run with customers. But we must not forget that whores are women and, therefore, as in any other vital aspect, some waste art and others have very little grace. So for some, occasional orgasm is a way to get a release, a form of emotional escape that takes them away from the cold loneliness they so often find themselves in.
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Practicing sex lengthens life

The reality is that sex brings benefits to the health of human beings, but that many media outlets exaggerate it and sell it as if making love, supposed as a magical influence a reduction in the years of life, as a kind of panacea. All that series of studies that are published on the supposed miracles that sex reports, come from an almost total acceptance of the science in which it is exposed, that the body is a whole and that its parts benefit or affect each other. Therefore, if all the functions of the body (including sexual functions) are good, then there will be a better quality of life and less possibility of affections.
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Sexual postures with which to enjoy from behind

In the “dressage” posture, the man sitting comfortably seated fits his partner by sitting on top of her and letting the erect penis penetrate this one.
The so-called “armchair” is when the man sits down laying his back on a pillow, leaving the legs flexed and open. Then, using the hands, it accommodates the woman in her erection, thus controlling both the rhythm and intensity of the penetration. She rests her legs on his shoulders and so he can touch the clitoris.
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Escorts Madrid: What is tantric sex?

It is rumored a lot about tantric sex, many things are heard, comments about sexual relations that last several hours, that the mind is controlled through massages and that sublime orgasms can be achieved through meditation techniques. But most of us always have doubts and we wonder if it is true that all this can be achieved through tantric sex. If you want to find something new, different, something that improves your sex, makes it more lasting and pleasant, these techniques of tantric sex can help you meet your expectations.
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Disproportionate penis size

There must be some very good reason for the man, who is an animal of the most evolved, to have a disproportionate penis size, as some researcher says. In the year 1995, appeared “The wars of the sperm”, a best seller that indicated that this size of the virile member had like objective to eliminate the semen that had deposited in the vagina of the female other rival males. It would be then, one more expression of the war that exists between men to fecundate the largest possible number of women, but there are other researchers who do not agree with it, because their research indicates that the biological evolution of man has caused a change and a neglect of all the competitive features of man and has enhanced those designed for a monogamous relationship.
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Size Matters with an escort?

The size of the penis
For many years in popular conversations, the importance of penis size has been discussed. There are those who say that it does not matter at all, and for others it is a very important factor. It is difficult to know how far they have sincerity or not the feminine answers about what attracts them more, but it is something that researchers have decided to study.
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Escorts: What is the importance of the preliminaries?

All kinds of stimulations that take place before penetration are the preliminary ones, but do you know what? besides being an important part of pleasure, they are the perfect excuse to combine passion and tenderness. If they are done well, not only will you get physical benefits, but you will gradually increase trust with your partner.
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Escorts Barcelona: Reach sublime orgasms through meditation techniques

Give importance to the caresses is something basic, you have to explore, you can start caressing gently, and go through your partner’s body without hurry, it is a way to give and at the same time receive eroticism and passion through touch. For this we can help with balsamic oils and various utensils such as feathers that create new sensations.
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